About me



National Music Academy “prof. Pancho Vladigerov”, Bulgaria

Master of Orchestral Conducting, 2015


National Music Academy “prof. Pancho Vladigerov” ,Bulgaria

Master of Composition, 2015

High School:

9th French High school Alfons De Lamartin, Sofia,2010

Composition activities:

  • composition premiere “Game For Piano” in National Music Academy, 2012
  • composing music for independent film and artistic productions – The Elements in collaboration with MINOAR fashion label and ATOM Theater
  • attendance on international composition competition in Graz, Austria, where his composition was selected to be stored in University Library in Graz
  • One of his compositions was performed on International Contemporary Piano Music Festival Pianissimo, 2015
  • music for the contemporary dance play ARTisT
  • music for documentary film for BNT World
  • music for Pieces Dance play, specially written for the Night of the Museums, 2015
  • music for children theatrical play “Soup for the soul”
  • music for the dance performance repentance
  • music for a lot of Bulgarian and intentional film production, some of which were selected in many prestigious film festivals such as Cannes, Los Angelis and Berlin: “Irene”, “Jet’aimepapa”, “Powiędło”, “Shaking”, “TrailerMeetingsofYoungEuropeanCinema 2015”, “Irene”, “LuxuryDeath”, “Hill”, “The Last two days” and many more which were nominated at Los Angeles CineFest, ARFF Paris, Bucharest Film Awards, Golden Rose, Hollywood Screenings Film Festival, Sofia International Short Film Festival, International Diversity Film Festival in Moldova, Festival de Cannes Festival Corner, Berlin Around Film Fest, Roma cinema Doc, In the Palace, TMFF, Ekurhuleni International Film Festival, TMC London Film Festival, Miami Independent Film Festival and many more.
  • composition for the Four Four Music music company.
  • music for game company Melterrea Slot Design
  • composition premiere with Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra, conduct by him, 2015
  • First Symphony Premiere in State Academy Orchestra, conducted by him, 2016
  • premiere of Variations on Mozart’s themes with Independant Chamber Orchestra, betahaus 2017
  • composition for Equilibrium Dance Performance
  • composition for Satiric Theatre “Aleko Konstantinov”
  • nomination for best film score at Los Angeles CineFest and Luis Film Festival
  • Scoring music for projects with National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”
  • Scoring music for projects with Municipal Theatre “Vazrazhdane”
  • Composing children songs for music text books who are set to be incorporated in educational programs of many Bulgarian schools for one of the biggest publishing house in Bulgaria – Archimedes

Conducting activities:

  • conductor at State Opera Varna for the 2016/2017 season
  • officially received admirations from Austrian ex-chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel
  • conductor at Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra
  • conducting trainee at National Music Theatre, Sofia
  • conductor at Academic State Orchestra
  • Founder and Conductor at Independant Chamber Orchestra
  • pianist and conductor at children choir “Bodra Smiana”
  • Worked great Balley soloist such as Egor Motuzov , Yurika Aoki, Pavel Kirchev and some laureates from International Balley Competition Varna: Elena Svinko and Dmitry Diatchkov
  • Worked with choreographers such as Sergei Antonov from Krasnoiarsk and Svetlana Tonsheva

Other Activities, Nominations and Social Engagement:

  • he was selected from Forbes Bulgaria, as a part for 30 below 30 as one of the most influential young professional in the field of Art and Culture,2015
  • official guest lecturer in the Forbes Forum 30 below 30, 2016
  • lector for Sofia Business Club,2017
  • Guest Lector for Break Water Talks: English for Amorpha Youth Foundation, Varna 2017
  • works closely with Association for Sofia Development, responsible for Sofia candidature for European capital of culture 2019
  • founder of NGO “Renaissance Bulgaria” 2012
  • founder of Independent Chamber Orchestra, 2017
  • works closely with BrainHub Lab on developing new musical instruments and software
  • invited to work in many Art & Science projects for Art & Science research foundation “Re:”
  • community manager at Drooble /social network for musicians/

Publications and articles:

Prof. Plamen Djouroff: (conducting professor at National Music Academy and chief conductor of Sofia Soloist) for: “Milen is a musician who posses wide cultural spectrum and have a lot of different interests. He is a true professional, who successfully had graduated in both composition and conducting masters which makes him highly proficient in music in general. Such combination of knowledge and imagination makes him an interesting artist and the first requirement for a composer is that he had to be interesting – he has one. From now on his musical development is a matter of chance and concentration. He can achieve a lot, because he is full of ideas.”


Go Guide: “He is graduate orchestra conductor and as amazing as it may sounds he is practicing this profession really successful in out country.”


Bulgarian National Radio: “Although he is only 24 and has recently graduated National Music Academy he has solid experience as a conductor and he is already noticed by the music criticism as a composer.”


Dobruja Information Agency: “After the final chords of Beethoven’s 7th symphony with Varna Philharmonic Orchestra he receive huge applause from the crowd. Among the listeners were some renewed Italian musicians who rewarded the young conductor with “Bravissimo’s” while applauding.”


View Sofia: “Milen Apostolov is out latest discovery. He is only 23 and is in love with the music since he was 3 years old. Since then they are inseparable. Along his composing career he is involved in a lot of interesting projects in search of new sounds and rediscovering the music in the light of the 21th century.”


Dobrich Tomorrow: “A brilliant debut for Milen Apostolov with Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra. The listeners have the opportunity to hear the premier of Milen Apostolov’s symphony for strings “Tales Beyond Heavens” “


Side and Front: “Composer and conductor. Only 26 years old. Successfully graduated the National Music Academy. Milen Apostolov is unsolved riddle … great symbioses of notes, rhythm, innovation and influence…”