About me

Born in the city of Dobrich on 24th December 1991. During the period 1996-2002 he studied piano and sol-fa at the “Yordan Yovkov” community centre and at the private music school “Dominant” in his hometown. In 2010 he graduated from 9th French Language School “Alfonse De Lamartine” in Sofia. During that same year he applied and was accepted into the Theory, Composition and Conducting Faculty of the National Musical Academy (NMA) “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”. In 2015 he successfully graduated with both orchestral conducting and composition.

Since 2012 he has conducted tens of concerts with the academic symphonic orchestra. His repertoire includes all kind of composers from Bach and Mozart to Prokofiev and Honneger. In the period November 2013-February 2014, he undertakes an internship in the State musical theatre “Stefan Makedonski”, as an assistant conductor. Since his graduation he has a lot of invites from other orchestras.

In his life as composer he is trying to find the perfect blend between acoustic and classical sound and electronic music of 21st century. A lot of his composition have been preformed on different festivals such as ppIANISSIMO festival (international festival for contemporary piano music). Some of his composition are been stored in the library of University of preforming arts Gratz. Since the begging of his career as composer he written all kinds of music: from symphonies and sonatas to music for films theatrical plays and dance projects. Some of his future works are involving a hole new genre of music with blends classical traditions and new electronic, alternative and indie music. Stay tuned for more !!!